Residential Recycling

Reducing the amount of waste in the landfill is a goal we share with the City of Fort Worth.

Knight Waste Services (KWS) provides weekly recycling collection in the City of Fort Worth.

Reducing the amount of waste we deliver to landfills is a primary goal for the City of Fort Worth and we are proud to be part of the solution. By placing recyclable items into your blue cart, you are helping the Fort Worth community and the environment.

If you place non-recyclable items into the recycle cart, this creates contamination, resulting in increased material diverted to the landfill. So please “Know What to Throw” and support the efforts in your community to reduce landfill waste.

These items are Welcome in your RECYCLE CART


Rinsed but labels can be left on

Paper and cardboard

Must be clean and dry

Glass containers

Rinsed but labels can be left on. All colors are accepted


Rinsed and leave the caps on afterward. Containers must be hard plastic. Plastic bags or film are not acceptable

Please DO NOT place the following items in your Blue Bin

Grocery bags

You can return plastic shopping bags to the retails store.

Trash bags

Please do not bag your recyclables, keep them loose


Please do not include items that tangle easily e.g. hoses, wires, chains or electronic cords

Clothing and other material items

Please do not include clothing, linens or other material. Consider donating them to local charities within Fort Worth. Click here to find a local charity.

Food, liquid, diapers

Please do not include any food or human waste in the bins and empty/rinse out all containers.

For a Full List of Items that should not be placed in the recycling bin

Contact the Materials Management Team or 817-392-3279

If you have a Question about Missed Collections

Contact The City of Fort Worth’s Customer Call Center

817-392-3279 with in 24 hours

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